Pipe & Tube
Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes
SPP Group has supplied of Seamless, SAW, DSAW, ERW, and HFI manufactured by mills complying with the exacting quality standards and specifications laid down by engineers involved in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Process Engineering. Range of pipes could be according to ASTM, DIN, and API standards. Pipe is available in Carbon, Chrome-Moly, Stainless and Duplex materials. Sizes available are 1/2& to 80& diameter from Sch 10 to Sch XXS. ASTM A269, ASTM A312, ASTM A213, ASTM A249 ,ASTM A268 ,ASTM A269 ,ASTM A 270,ASTM A 271,ASTM A358, ASTM A 381,ASTM A409 ,ASTM A 778,ASTM A789 ,ASTM A790 ,ASTM A791 ,ASTM A803… ,DIN 2462, DIN2463, DIN 17456, DIN 17457, DIN 17458 …
Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes
Structural Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes
ASTM A554, ASTM A511, ASTM A632, ASTM A908, ASTM A249 … DIN 17455 …
Structural Stainless Steel Pipes
Carbon & Alloy Steel Pipes & Tubes
API 5L Line pipe oil & gas, API 5D Drilling pipe, API 5CT Casing and Tubing ASTM A53, ASTM A106, ASTM A134, ASTM A135, ASTM A139, ASTM A178, ASTM A179, ASTM A192, ASTM A199, ASTM A200, ASTM A209, ASTM A210, ASTM A211, ASTM A214, ASTM A226, ASTM A250, ASTM A252, ASTM A333, ASTM A334, ASTM A335, ASTM A500, ASTM A513, ASTM A523, ASTM A539, ASTM A 692, ASTM A787, ASTM A795, ASTM B163, ASTM B165, ASTM B167, ASTM B315… DIN 1615, DIN 1626, DIN 1628, DIN 1629, DIN 1630, DIN 2391, DIN2393, DIN 2394, DIN 2440, DIN 2441, DIN 2444, DIN 2445, DIN 2445-2, DIN 2448, DIN 2449, DIN 2450, DIN2458, DIN 17172, DIN 17173, DIN 17174, DIN 17175 …
arbon & Alloy Steel Pipes & Tubes
Coated Pipes
AWWA C200-97, AWWA C203-02, AWWA C205-00, AWWA C210-97, AWWA C213-0, AWWA C214-00 …
KS D3565, KS D3589, KS D3607, KS D3608, KS D3619, KS D3626, KS D8306, KS D8307, KS D8500, KS D8501, KS D8502 …
For Oil & Gas, Protection of underground Cable, Chemical pipe line, Sea Pile, Water Supply, Line of Bridge, Submarine, Structure …
Coated Pipes
Copper Alloy Pipes & Tubes
Copper alloy tubing products related to the heat transfer and heat exchange industry. These tubing are used in energy producing and transforming equipment as well as pulp and paper industry, petrochemical industry, marine and for other industrial applications. These pipes are available in variety of diameter and size according to the demand of the customers.
ASTM B88-02, ASTM B135-02, ASTM B111/SB 111, KS D5301, JIS H3300, BS2871C, DIN 1787, DIN 17671…
Copper Alloy Pipes & Tubes
Brass Pipes & Tubes
C2600, C2700, C2800, C68700, C44300, C70600, C71000, C71500 …
Brass Pipes & Tubes
Standard Specification Grade Description
ASTM A 53 A,B Pipe for General Purposes
A135 A,B Pipe for Conveying Liquid, Gas or Vapor
A178 A,C,D E.R.W. Boiler Tubes
A214 - E.R.W. Heat-Exchanger & Condenser Tubes
A252 1,2,3 Steel Pipe Piles
A500 A,B,C Steel Tubes for Structural Purposes
A513 - E.R.W. Mechanical Tubing
A589 Type ¥°,¥±,¥²,¥³ Steel Water-Well Pipe
API 5L A Line pipe
5CT H-40,J-55 Casing and Tubing
BS 1139 - Metal Scaffolding
1387 L,M,H Steel Tubes Suitable for Pipe Thread
1775 ERW 11,16,20 Steel Tubes for Mechanical, Structural and General Engineering Purpose
3601 ERW 320,360,410 Steel Pipes for Pressure Purpose
ANSI C80.1 - Rigid Steel Conduit
UL 6 - -
G 3452
(D 3507)
Steel Pipe for Ordinary Piping
G 3454
(D 3562)
Steel Pipes for Pressure Service
G 3461
(D 3563)
Steel Pipes for Boiler & Heat Exchanger
G 3444
(D 3566)
Steel Pipes for General Structural Purpose
G 3445
(D 3517)
Steel Pipes for Machines Structural Purpose
G 3466
(D 3586)
Steel Square Pipe for General Structural Purpose
C 8305
(D 8401)
- Rigid Steel Conduit
(D 3583) (SPW) Arc Welded Carbon Steel Pipes
(D 3589) (P1H, P1S) Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe (PFP)
(D3537) (SPPW) Galvanized Pipe for Water Service
(D 3619) (AP,PB, PC,PD) Polyethylene Powder Lining Steel Pipes for Water Works
A 5525
(F 4602)
- Steel Pipe Piles
(D 3626) (SPCR) Corrosion Resistance Welded Steel Pipes for Water Service
Spec Grade Remarkes
API 5L B ~ X80 Line Pipe
API 2B Fabrication of Structure Steel Pipe
ASTM A134 Pipe, Steel, Electric-Fusion(Arc)-Welded (Size NPS 16 and over)
ASTM A139 A, B Electric-Fusion(Arc)-Welded Steel Pipe (Size NPS 4 and over)
ASTM A252 1, 2, 3 Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe Piles
ASTM A671 All Electric-Fusion-Welded Steel Pipe for Atmospheric & Low Temperature
ASTM A672 All Electric-Fusion-Welded Steel Pipe for High-Pressure Service
at Moderate Temperature
ASTM A691 Carbon and Alloy Steel Pipe, Electric-Fusion Welded
for High Pressure Service at High Temperatures
JIS G 3444 STK
Carbon Steel Tubes for General Structural Purpose
JIS G 3457 STPY 400 Arc Welded Carbon Steel Pipe
KS D 3583 SPW 400 Arc Welded Carbon Steel Pipe
KS D 3566 STK
Carbon Steel Tubes for General Structural Purpose

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